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Not on my watch!! Homophobic and transphobic hate crimes surge in England and Wales - …
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I am quite sanguine about this whole furore. It is relatively mild compared to 1800-1812. So far, no duels to the death. No Alien and Sedition Acts. As for prosecution, that was, is and will always be a possibility. However, we have yet to prosecute anyone for a political crime.
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Only the Democrats make an imaginary situation into a crime big enough for Impeach. Looking forward to debates, where more voters see the arrogance and dirty tricks. They can't talk without destroying their political party, and sticking their foot in mouth on a regular basis.
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Sério isso? O conto de fadas estaria completo e viveríamos felizes para sempre nesse seu mundo. Não se trata apenas do crime consumado, mas sim da tentativa ser repulsada!
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I almost died listening to crime files. Needs to be a regular feature. Is Peter alright? It’s been a while, but worried about him.